USA Made

About Us

At Woodley Hollow, we strive to produce and offer items that we would be proud to own ourselves.  You can be sure that each item we make is designed to exceed your expectations for quality, function, and beauty.  We are an American Company, but favor a French phrase, Sans Pareil. Translated, Sans Pareil means peerless, unequalled, or unparalleled.  It’s our desire that every item we create reflect this idea in every way possible.

Woodley Hollow by physical location is in the beautiful Pennsylvania Mountains. It is a place similar to others but mostly in the respect that it’s just a little bit different from anywhere else.  The craftsmen and women we employ have spent their lives enjoying the beauty that occurs here with each changing season.  In the balance of those seasonal ebbs and flows, we cultivate and refine our craft, always looking for improvement even in the smallest of margins.  Defining improvement by function and quality rather than price and profit margin is what sets this place and our company apart from others.

Thank you for taking the time to read this brief introduction to our company and why we feel we can be a benefit to the living of your life.  It is our hope that a greater part of our story will be told through the use of our products.  We want their value and use to be the measure of who we are and what we do.

Get in Touch

We find sitting at a maker’s bench to be much more enjoyable than a desk.  It’s how we got here, producing and delivering quality leather goods worthy of the responsibility of bearing our name.  That said, if you drop us an email with your question, comment, or need, we will gladly put down our tools and give you a call.

Shipping and Returns


The pace at which today’s world exists often suggests that faster is better.  In truth, sometimes it is, but in our vocation, extra time often results in a better result.  We strive to keep our shelves full of ready to ship merchandise, but from time to time we get backlogged on popular items.  Please take us at our word that your wait will be worth the time.  We offer numerous options for shipping available at checkout.


We expect you to desire the most out of your investment in and use of our products.  It’s the same demand we place on the raw materials that we use in production.  You can be sure that each finished piece has been studied with a critical eye and packaged with the fullest intent on never seeing it again.  With that said, we also recognize that errors happen and we are not without exception.   If it wasn’t meant to be yours forever, we will find another home for any item that you would like to return.

If you wish to return your item upon receipt, please use the enclosed FREE RETURN label.