Collection: Leather Belts

One definition of the word forte is “the strongest part of the blade, between the middle and the hilt”. Belts are our forte. At Woodley Hollow, we have decades of experience sitting at sewing machines and burnishing wheels. We continue to enjoy traipsing the damp concrete floors of tanneries to find and develop leather with unique visual appeal and lasting value. Our idea of quality can be seen but is often better realized in feeling the temper of a cut strap or the smoothness of a finished edge. We do not offer an extensive assortment of styles, but what we do offer we stand fully behind as being unequalled in construction and selection of leather. Each handmade and carefully thought out belt is designed and crafted with confidence that we will never see it again. We treat belts like faithful companions. The fact is, a good belt spends more time with than just about anyone you know. Anyone who’s had a really good belt can tell you, it’s worth the investment.
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