Our Why

Our Why


Everything in life has a “why”.  What’s our “Big Why”?  Why did we create Woodley Hollow? We saw a need for both quality and difference in leather goods.  We had ideas for products with no place to share them.  After years of creation and innovation for others, we saved a few of our personal favorites to offer them on our own.  We are makers, creators, and end users of our own products.  We know they work.  We know they hold up.  We know that the friends and friends of friends that we have shared them with agree with us. 

It’s time to share them with more than just our friends.   Our “why” has many answers, but really only one primary reason…..because it’s just time.  Woodley Hollow and many of its products have been developed, used and tested dating back to 2016 and we are excited to finally be able to share them with all of you.  

Now that you’ve read this far, be sure to check out what we offer and see why we think it’s different and awesome.  Also, know that you are supporting a small business who cares about why you to spend your hard earned money on a quality product.

Our Why
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